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Welcoming the Chinese New Year, NIDA Rooms Offers Fantastic Promo

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Indonesia, 09 February 2016

After successfully carrying out the recent 10,000 rooms promotion, to welcome the upcoming Chinese New Year 2016 NIDA Rooms again offers attractive fantastic promotions for a comfortable stay starts from Rp. 39.000 and RM 19,99 per night.

This promotion is available in all NIDA Rooms hotel, across Indonesia and Malaysia. The booking period is from 02 till 9 February 2016 and the stay period is from 10 till 29 February 2016.

NIDA Rooms Indonesia’s Country Director, Anna E. Dartania said the promotion program is part of NIDA Rooms’ commitment to offer the right room rates to customers so that they can enjoy quality and comfortable accommodations, and at the same time increase occupancy in NIDA Rooms partner hotels.

The objective of this fantastic promo allows customers, particularly domestic and international tourists, to enjoy cost-saving travels. Customers can enjoy a pleasant and affordable accommodation with excellent service throughout their stay at tourist destinations.

Currently, NIDA Rooms has collaborated with as many as 645 hotels spread in various cities and in strategic locations in Java, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan.

Customers will be able to compare and book thousands of affordable hotel rooms instantly in various destinations of choice in Indonesia and Malaysia using a mobile application, NIDA Rooms, on your smartphone, downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store for IOS users.

Recently, NIDA Rooms also held a “10,000 Rooms Priced @ Rp 34.900 (RM 9,99)” promotion, which succeeded in increasing NIDA Rooms bookings by 80%.

NIDA Rooms’ special rates promotion cannot be separated from its commitment to support the national program of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, “Pesona Indonesia”, which aims to bring as many as 20 million tourists by 2019. The presence of NIDA Rooms in Indonesia will certainly provide plenty of convenience and attractive choices for domestic and foreign travelers.

NIDA Rooms, as the largest and fastest growing “Virtual Hotel Operator" in Asia, remains committed to bringing ‘right price’, ‘right location’ and ‘right quality’ in every aspect of its service.

This is in keeping with the “A Good Night, Every Night” spirit introduced by NIDA Rooms, achieved through a comprehensive range of facilities available in all NIDA Rooms, including wi-fi, hot shower, AC and amenities, for customers of all segments of travelers, from backpackers, youth travelers, to short-business travelers.

NIDA Rooms was introduced in Indonesia as a Virtual Budget Hotel Operator by Global Rooms Limited on December 2, 2015. The NIDA Rooms business concept was conceived after a tiresome personal experience trying to find hotels that offer maximum service at an affordable price in Southeast Asia.