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Indonesia, 02 December 2015

Book Hotel Rooms in Malaysia & Indonesia with Unprecedented Choice, the Best Prices and Instant Booking through the Nida Rooms® Mobile Application, the World’s 1st International VHO

  • Nida Rooms’ mobile application (“mobile app”) allows customers to instantly see thousands of affordable hotel rooms at their preferred locations in major Indonesian and Malaysia cities. Never before has the consumer had such access to hotel inventory, pricing and location in one screen view on their smartphone.
  • Nida Rooms’ 300 partner hotels in Indonesia are now able to sell their rooms through a new “smartphone” mobile app distribution channel that is non-competitive with their traditional online travel agents (“OTAs”) or their walk-up customer business. Furthermore, smaller boutique or economy hotels with no web presence nor relationship with OTAs are instantly able to access the smartphone consumer by joining the Nida Rooms network. By pre-vetting hotels and working closely with hotel managers, Nida Rooms focuses on providing consistent, essential services for its customers in-line with its aim to provide “A Good Night. Every Night.”
  • Today, Nida Rooms is the only legally licensed VHO in Indonesia and has over 300 partner hotels. Through its direct sales force of over 100 relationship managers and daily increasing hotel sign-ups, Nida Rooms expects to reach over 1,500 partner hotels in Indonesia by 2Q 2016 giving it majority market share in the mid and economy hotel market segments in Indonesia by early next year.
  • Similar to other “internet aggregator” models common globally in taxi services and food delivery, the VHO model originated in India over the last 18 months, but Nida Rooms is the World’s 1st International VHO. Today, consumers can today book thousands of rooms across Malaysia and Indonesia on the Nida Rooms mobile app. By month-end, Nida rooms expects to have over 2 million room nights of annual inventory available for booking. Furthermore, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore are launching next month which will increase annualized room inventory to +10 million nights by 2Q 2016.
  • Global Rooms Limited, founded by Malaysian entrepreneur Kaneswaran Avili, formerly a senior executive at Asia’s leading low cost carriers, Air Asia, Tiger Air & Spice Jet, and Dennis Melka, a Czech venture capitalist, will invest more than IDR100 billion into the Nida Rooms Indonesian operations.

JAKARTA, 2ND DECEMBER: Asia’s hospitality industry, specifically Indonesia, receives a boost today as Global Rooms Limited introduces Nida Rooms, a Virtual Hotel Operator. The Nida Rooms mobile app gives customers an unprecedented combination of access to hotel inventory, lowest pricing and location information in one simple screen view on their smartphones.  Nida Rooms’ 300 partner hotels in Indonesia have been pre-vetted thereby allowing customers to book with confidence and ensure that they will have “A Good Night. Every Night”. All Nida Rooms have WIFI services, hot shower facilities, air conditioning and an amenities pack.

Customers can book their rooms anytime, anywhere through Nida Rooms’ mobile application that can be downloaded now from Google Play Store while the mobile application for the Apple Store will be available shortly.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Kaneswaran Avili, said “The Nida Rooms idea was conceived because it was difficult for me to find a hotel chain that offers consistent essential services at my preferred locations in Southeast Asia at the best prices. Nida Rooms is a one-stop smartphone platform that offers travellers the maximum choice of hotels at the right locations, at the lowest prices on their smartphones with instant booking capability.”  He added that at this initial stage, Nida Rooms will be focusing on hotels in the mid and economy hotel segment that are strategically located.

With respect to the Indonesian operation, PT Global Rooms Indonesia, Country Director, Anna E. Dartania said that Indonesia is the largest hub for Nida Rooms currently and continues to expand daily. She commented “We have hotels in major locations such as Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bali, Bandung, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. By the end of the first quarter, Nida Rooms will be present in every Indonesian city, offering travellers consistent essential services anytime, anywhere. We will be offering over 2 million hotel room nights per annum in Indonesia alone by the end of first quarter 2016.” She added that Nida Rooms will play a pivotal role in accelerating its partner hotels’ growth in Indonesia by offering a new distribution channel to the global smartphone economy. For example, it is now much easier for foreign visitors to instantly book and receive confirmation with boutique hotels in their preferred locations in Kuta or Legian.

Global Rooms intends to invest IDR100 billion into Nida Rooms’ Indonesian operations over the next 18 months. Apart from Indonesia, Nida Rooms is now also available in over 100 locations in Malaysia and will penetrate Thailand, Singapore and Philippines by next month.

Commented Dennis Melka, Global Rooms Limited’s Chairman, “After today, Nida Rooms now has an insurmountable first mover advantage and is working closely with its partner hotels across Southeast Asia to ensure an excellent customer experience. Our team is the first in the world to take this particular internet aggregator model for the hotel industry internationally and by next month we will be the dominant player across Southeast Asia, a market of over 550m consumers. We’ve been overwhelmed by institutional investor interest to further scale our footprint globally in countries with low branded penetration in the mid to economy hotel sector.”