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Indonesia, 24 February 2016

Nida Rooms customers will be pampered even more by the arrival of attractive quality programs from SelecTV

Jakarta, 24 February 2016 – In a bid to continue enhancing the quality of its service towards customers, after already delivering a variety of services, this time NIDA Rooms signs an agreement with SelecTV, a company providing prepaid TV services in various 5-star hotels.

The agreement allows NIDA Rooms customers to enjoy free quality TV entertainment and programs on SelecTV, not only in the privacy of their hotel rooms, but also whenever and wherever they are using their gadgets and smart phone, by first accessing the wi-fi service available in all NIDA Rooms hotels.

The agreement was signed by the CEO and Co-Founder of Global Rooms Limited (NIDA Rooms), Kaneswaran Avili, and CEO of Select-TV Solutions, CS Goh at the Financial Club, Jakarta.

CEO and CoFounder of Global Rooms Limited (NIDA Rooms), Kaneswaran Avili said the collaboration between NIDA Rooms and SelecTV reflects NIDA Rooms commitment to always improve the quality of its service for its loyal customers. “In addition to getting comfortable rooms and facilities, customers can now enjoy additional service, TV programs from Select TV”, explained Kaneswaran.

Meanwhile, CEO of Select-TV Solutions, CS Goh also said “This partnership between SelecTV and NIDA Rooms signifies yet another shift in the hospitality industry. With this partnership, all NIDA Rooms guests can now enjoy latest movies and entertainment content on their mobile device or in room TV directly from SelecTV’s cloud. SelecTV is committed to this partnership and extend our services to all 900 NIDA Rooms hotels in Indonesia and 2,500 hotels regionally. We are confident all NIDA Rooms’ guests will enjoy our entertainment offerings” said CS Goh.

When booking rooms, NIDA Room customers will be automatically asked to download an application from SelecTV. After entering their booking code, customers will immediately be able to enjoy quality TV programs from Select TV.

The presence of NIDA Rooms in Indonesia will certainly provide plenty of convenience and attractive choices for domestic and foreign tourists in their travels.

Currently, NIDA Rooms has collaborated with 900 hotels in various strategic locations across Indonesia, such as the Greater Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi Area (Jabodetabek), Surabaya, Medan, Bali, Bandung, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. NIDA Rooms has also broadened its service extensively in the Southeast Asia region, among them in Malaysia (600 hotels), Thailand (1.200 hotels) and the Philippines (200 hotels).

NIDA Rooms is the first in the world to pioneer the use of an internet aggregator model in the global hospitality industry, as well as being a key player in Southeast Asia, a region inhabited by more than 550 million people. NIDA Rooms will continue to expand its global reach to countries with minimal sales for the lower and middle class hotel business.

About NIDA Rooms :

As the largest and fastest growing “Virtual Hotel Operator (VHO)” Southeast Asia, NIDA Rooms remains committed to bringing the “best price”, “best location”, and “best quality” aspect in its service.

Through NIDA Rooms, customers can instantly look for and book thousands of affordable priced rooms located in some of the best locations in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines using the NIDA Rooms mobile application on their smart phone downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store for IOS users.

Working closely with the hotels, NIDA Rooms is determined to offer each customer a pleasant hotel experience, every time. This is in keeping with the “A Good Night, Every Night” spirit promoted by NIDA Rooms through a comprehensive range of facilities available in all NIDA Rooms, including wi-fi, hot shower, AC and amenities, for customers of all segments of travelers, from budget travelers, backpackers, youth traveler, to short-business travelers.

NIDA Rooms was introduced in Indonesia as a Virtual Hotel Operator (VHO) by Global Rooms Limited on 2 December 2015. The idea behind the NIDA Rooms business was conceived after personally finding it difficult to find hotel rooms offering maximum service at affordable price in Southeast Asia. Today, NIDA Rooms has hotel rooms in strategic locations in Indonesia, such as the Greater Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi Area (Jabodetabek), Surabaya, Medan, Bali, Bandung, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

About SelecTV :

SelecTV is South East Asia’s largest guest entertainment and engagement platform provider for the hospitality industry. SelecTV operates in more than 10 countries globally from North America to Middle East and Asia. With more than 10 million guests served, Select-TV is transforming this segment of the hospitality industry. SelecTV latest cloud based hospitality mobile and TV platform delivers the best entertainment offerings to guests while saving costs for hotel operators by eliminating costly cable TV subscriptions. Our latest cloud platform empowers hospitality operators to engage and entertain their guests effectively and efficiently with less cost.

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